20 Days to Research Impact Challenge


In an increasingly competitive research landscape, academics can no longer afford to just publish and hope for the best. To leave a mark, you have to take your communication and impact into your own hands.

However, the question is often raised: where do I start? There are so many ways to share, promote, and discuss your research, especially online. It’s tough to know where to begin.

As a result, we are offering you a challenge. This 20 day challenge will provide you with information each day for 20 days on a strategy for scholarly and public impact, why it’s important and how you can get started. Then we’ll share a homework assignment where you will apply the concepts we’ve covered that day.

We are currently looking for researchers across the Faculty of Education and Arts who would like to:

  • Upgrade their professional visibility by conquering social media
  • Boost their readership and citations by getting their work online
  • Stay atop their field’s latest developments with automated alerting
  • Lock in the key connections with colleagues that’ll boost their career
  • Dazzle evaluators with comprehensive tracking and reporting on their own impacts.


  • Day 1: Write a search optimised web biography
  • Day 2: The importance of a professional profile image
  • Day 3: Refresh your UON web profile
  • Day 4: Make a profile on Academia.edu
  • Day 5: Make a ResearchGate profile
  • Day 6: Create a Google Scholar profile
  • Day 7: Connect with other researchers on Mendeley
  • Day 8: Make LinkedIn work for your research
  • Day 9: Find your community on Twitter
  • Day 10: Social media automation for academics
  • Day 11: Make your data discoverable on a data repository – NOVA
  • Day 12: Publish in Open Access for more citations
  • Day 13: Submit your post-prints
  • Day 14: Claim your ORCID ID
  • Day 15: Establish your expertise with Open Peer Review
  • Day 16: Stay up-to-date on your field
  • Day 17: Get your research to the media: The Conversation
  • Day 18: Track your scholarly social media and website impact
  • Day 19: Make your work permanent and trackable with unique identifiers
  • Day 20: Discover when your work is discussed and shared online

We are not reinventing the wheel here, in fact the Impact Challenge was originally published by Stacy Konkiel from The Impact Story Blog. It was created by drawing on years of experience measuring and studying research impact. However, some of the content has been changed to suit the tools we have available at the University of Newcastle. Plus, following the challenge together will provide an opportunity to share the journey with your peers, ask questions and gather feedback on the effectiveness of tasks.


If you have any questions or difficulties signing up, leave a reply below or email Jarrod.Skene@newcastle.edu.au