A new year, a new challenge

In 2016 the Faculty of Education and Arts Research Unit aims to provide you with further assistance with your online presence through an online medium – this blog.

Posts will provide researchers with information and tips on communication and impact that are tailored to the tools we have available here at the University of Newcastle and specifically for those academics across the humanities and social sciences, education and arts.

It will also provide a platform for feedback and discussion, sharing expertise and experience, and give our team in the Faculty Research Unit a better understanding of the support you are looking for in these areas.

If you are yet to make it along to one of the Digital Profile Building Workshops we run throughout the year (more to come in 2016!) or other research impact workshops run by our Faculty librarians, you will be able to access the information here also.

To kick it off we are offering this challenge: we are currently looking for researchers across the Faculty of Education and Arts who would like to:

  • Upgrade their professional visibility by conquering social media
  • Boost their readership and citations by getting their work online
  • Stay atop their field’s latest developments with automated alerting
  • Lock in the key connections with colleagues that’ll boost their career
  • Dazzle evaluators with comprehensive tracking and reporting on their own impacts.

This is a 20 day challenge where you will be provided with information each day for 20 days on a strategy for scholarly and public impact, why it’s important and how you can get started. Then we’ll share a homework assignment where you will apply the concepts we’ve covered that day.

The 20 Days to Research Impact Challenge will begin Monday 29 Feb.

Find out more and register for the 20 Days to Research Impact Challenge.