Impact Notice Board #1

**** Today saw the last day of this month’s Twenty Days to Research Impact Challenge. Congratulations to all our participants. How did you find it? I’ll be in touch with you in the near future to gather some valuable feedback. ****

The Notice Board

From time-to-time we’ll be using the Impact Notice board to advertise current and upcoming opportunities geared toward the interests of this blog. You’re busy and you can’t catch everything, so hopefully you’ll hear more about some of the host of interesting and rewarding activities, training sessions and seminars going on here at UON. So here’s a couple of options that are on the horizon.


Twitter Seminars

Regular readers of the blog will know how fabulous a tool we think Twitter is. You could, and I wouldn’t be the first to, argue that there’s no more valuable tool in the field of Social Media when it comes to promoting your research and placing yourself in the middle of a relevant community.

So whether you’ve never tweeted a jot, or you’ve been beginning to sound the call and are looking for some tips, look out for this:

Linda Drummond, Research Communications Coordinator in Research Services can provide a one hour Twitter seminar for beginner and intermediate levels for UON researchers.

Beginner Sessions

Bring your laptop and a high resolution head-shot and you’ll leave the session with a professional-looking twitter account and a knowledge of the basics.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Twitter account
  • What to Tweet and when
  • Who to follow
  • What a hashtag # is
  • How to live-Tweet at events

A beginner’s session is perfect for anyone who’s interested, but doesn’t understand why or how to use Twitter.

Intermediate Sessions

You’ll hone your twitter skills:

In this follow-up to the beginner sessions you’ll learn about using videos, how to target specific markets and hone your twitter presence. This seminar can take place 2 – 3 months after the beginner’s session and is suitable for those with a good working knowledge of Twitter.

We’re testing the waters right now to see who and how many of you are interested in what Linda is offering, so you’ll probably receive an email in the very near future with more detail. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to be part of one of these sessions, or Linda if you have any further questions.


Kudos Educational Researcher Webinar – Wednesday 31st August 2016

We haven’t talked much about Kudos here, but it’s definitely another resource worth your attention that is attuned to research impact. It’s free and it’s easy to use.

In their own words it’s “more than a just a networking site, and more than just a publication listing. It is a toolkit for explaining your work in plain language and for enriching it with links to related materials. Kudos also provides a unique one-stop shop for multiple metrics relating to your publications: page views, citations, full text downloads and altmetrics. When you explain, enrich and share your work through Kudos, we map your actions against these metrics in charts that show you which activities are most effective when it comes to increasing the reach and impact of your work.”

Increase and evidence the impact of your published work

Kudos is co-hosting a Webinar that will be well worth signing up for. it’s in association with Altmetric, ORCID and Thomson Reuters (the folk who bring you Web of Science), and will give you hints and tips on how to promote your work effectively, measure current reach and how to further increase the impact of your work (reach, altmetrics and citations) – all in one place.

Find out more and register.



Watch this space for more.



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