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The potential impact of your research is open to many variables. It’s also measured in many different ways. We’ve talked a lot about these factors in this blog. Right now we’re going to think again about where you publish because you’ll all agree that this determines success, exposure and credibility in no small way. Trusted, proven connections between your work and who and where it is disseminated are so valuable, but what if you haven’t built these yet? What if you’re looking for other options? If this is the case, caution is required.

Think. Check. Submit is a relatively recent campaign campaign produced with the support of a coalition from across scholarly communications in response to discussions about deceptive publishing. The rapid expansion of – especially – digital publishing options has brought with it a range of concerns and this resource is designed to help researchers identify trusted journals for their research. Simplicity is the watch-word here. A quick, concise and well considered go-to.

So lets look at the stages of their checklist:


Are you submitting your research to a trusted journal?

Is it the right journal for your work?

  • More research is being published worldwide.
  • New journals are launched each week.
  • Stories of publisher malpractice and deception are on the rise.
  • It can be challenging to find up-to-date guidance when choosing where to publish.

How can you be sure the journal you are considering is the right journal for your research?


Reference this list for your chosen journal to check if it is trusted.

  • Do you or your colleagues know the journal?
  • Have you read any articles in the journal before?
  • Is it easy to discover the latest papers in the journal?
  • Is the publisher name clearly displayed on the journal website?
  • Can you easily identify and contact the publisher?
  • Can you contact the publisher by telephone, email, and post?
  • Is the journal clear about the type of peer review it uses?
  • Are articles indexed in services that you use?
  • Is it clear what fees will be charged?
  • Does the journal site explain what these fees are for and when they will be
  • Do you recognise the editorial board?
  • Have you heard of the editorial board members?
  • Do the editorial board mention the journal on their own websites?
  • Is the publisher a member of a recognized industry initiative?
  • Do they belong to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ?
  • If the journal is open access, is it listed in the Directory of Open Access
    Journals (DOAJ) ?
  • If the journal is open access, does the publisher belong to the Open Access
    Scholarly Publishers’ Association (OASPA) ?
  • Is the publisher a member of another trade association?


Submit if you can answer ‘yes’ to most or all of the questions on the list.

  • You need to be confident your chosen journal will have a suitable profile among your peers to enhance your reputation and your chance of gaining citations.
  • Publishing in the right journal for your research will raise your professional profile, and help you progress in your career.
  • You should expect a professional publishing experience where your work is
    reviewed and edited.
  • Only then should you submit your article.

As you can see, Think. Check. Submit’s checklist leaves little to chance. We think it’s a comprehensive guide that you can return to when considering where to submit your research. We’ve talked about publishing for impact in detail before, but this list is broad and practical and designed to guarantee your work doesn’t disappear into silence. Keep it handy.

All checklist content has been drawn from Think. Check. Submit. A big thanks to them for putting this together.

Learn more about Think. Check. Submit.


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