Impact Notice Board #2

The Notice Board

From time-to-time we’ll be using the Impact Notice board to advertise current and upcoming opportunities geared toward the interests of this blog. You’re busy and you can’t catch everything, so hopefully you’ll hear more about some of the host of interesting and rewarding activities, training sessions and seminars going on here at UON and the wider community.

Research Impact Summit

Knowledge Translation Australia is a Melbourne-based organisation that aims to provide researchers and institutions with:

” … specialised training solutions and support that enable them to translate research evidence into real life impacts, that in turn increase opportunities for recognition, collaboration, and research funding. We achieve this goal through our unique training methods, expertise in knowledge translation, personalized hands-on service, and dedication to providing real solutions to meet each client’s individual needs and goals.”

They’re coordinating the Research Impact Summit, a  free online event, featuring over 20 speakers with considerable professional and academic experience involved in sessions across the following themes:

  • Knowledge Translation;
  • Implementation Science;
  • Collaboration & Engagement;
  • Dissemination, and;
  • Research Impact.

Some key characteristics the organisers are appealing to include:

  • Researchers wanting to improve engagement with industry.
  • Early career researchers that want to get ahead of the rest, stand out, and create a big impact from research.
  • Those that want to hear about the tools, tips, tricks, trials and tribulations of bridging the research to practice gap.

Sound interesting? You can register here.

I think you’ll readily agree that the current research environment, with its push toward not only creating and measuring impact, but the ways and means we narrate or demonstrate the impact of research, raises a need for well-informed, positive discussion in this area.

This e-conference could be well worth your time.

You can contact with any queries.


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