Collaboration: what do you think?

Acknowledgement: this post draws from Jenny Delasalle’s The Research Whisperer post, “How do you find Researchers who want to collaborate?” Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Research collaboration has never been more topical. Institutions are including it in KPIs; it’s figuring within metrics data and within an increasingly global and digital environment it’s becoming a very important figure. The potential  positives of  collaboration are hard to ignore: the wider, more dynamic your network, the stronger the output. Indeed, it’s being viewed as a significant driver of research quality.

Or as Jenny Delasalle, Librarian and editor of the Piirus blog, describes: “Contacts and collaboration are increasingly important to researchers. From the sparking of early ideas, to co-authorship which increases outputs and helps authors to reach new audiences, and on again to partnerships with organisations or industry which offer sources of funding and routes to impact: collaboration activities are increasingly seen as a part of research excellence.”

So what do researchers themselves think about collaboration? In late 2014 Piirus  a not-for-profit service provided by the University of Warwick, which is a networking resource  with a focus on promoting collaborative opportunities within the global research community, conducted a survey involving over 300 researchers across the globe from a variety of disciplines. The aim was to get some insight and opinions about networks and collaborations and what researchers are interested in (or willing) to share in online platforms such as Piirus, from the primary source – researchers.

Here’s what they found:


We’re very interested to know what you think about these issues. Do any of these conclusions resonate with you? Are you surprised with any? Do you personally disagree? And if so, where and why do you differ?

Let us know via the comments section here or via Twitter to @EdArtsUON or join the conversation by tagging #collaborateUON.


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